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Thai Sky

Thai Sky is a restaurant in Greenville, SC. They serve traditional Thai food and Sushi. I've been coming to eat in this tucked away building on Pelham Road for several years as various Asian restaurants came and went. The quiet, usually mostly empty room, looking out onto a large pond, provides a relaxing, homey atmosphere which is enhanced by the friendly staff. Pam Kalayarat, the owner, has been there over 5 years.

This project veered a bit from my usual clientele and allowed me time to play with a few new toys. The first of which, helped pack more content directly on the home page. I thought about what people mostly want to know when visiting a restaurant's website: Where's it located, when's it open, and what's on the menu? jQuery is a compact JavaScript framework, allowing animation, content and style manipulation, all while remaining compliant. Joining the list with our latest creations, Thai Sky was also built using CakePHP.

Thai Sky

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