Web Design and Development Process

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Domain Name Registration / Hosting

House of Tech is currently using domain registering and hosting services costing ~ $18/yr. and $15/mo. respectively. See the list below for different package options. Normally 500MB of storage will be more than plenty for a web site. For instance, this entire site takes up less than 20MB.

( hosting package chart )

PackageData StorageHow much space is that?Price
Small500 MB~5,000 quality photos$180 /yr.
Medium1,000 MB~20,000 quality photos$240 /yr.
Large2,000 MB~50,000 quality photos$360 /yr.
X Large5,000 MBa lot$480 /yr.
We are not a hosting company. Our hosting accounts are for clients only.


$80 per hour for design, development, and updates.

The initial cost of developing a site will be based on the amount of content and level of design complexity.

Okay, so how much $?

Here are a few examples of common web sites and their estimated costs.

Call or email us for an estimate.