At times, House of Tech will work with other companies in order to bring a more fully developed solution to a client. Some web sites require various skills, which can be better achieved by people specifically skilled in that area. Below is a list of professionals with whom we have the pleasure of collaborating. Take a look at their sites and feel free to contact them directly, mentioning you heard about them through House of Tech.

Marketing Firms

Peacock Marketing Group

Peacock Marketing Group is a marketing services organization that specializes in lead generation, website design, ROI-based programs, and branding strategy. We are fast, dependable, cutting-edge, aggressive, and have all the resources you need to succeed in marketing communications. From budgeting to PR, the ultimate goals of Peacock Marketing Group are to create a customer-pleasing public face for your organization and to make your life easier. Marketing shouldn't be painful, time-consuming, or difficult. Contact Peacock today and sit back and relax tomorrow.

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Design Firms

Ignite Design Group

Ignite Design Group is a unique, creative marketing and design firm that focuses on sparking a flame for your company's strategic marketing program through the power of the brand.

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Rees Creative

Bryan Rees really enjoys working with small to medium sized businesses, or upstart companies to help them establish a brand and implement a marketing strategy. He has experience in all forms of print and access to many resources in the new media categories of web and interactive programming.

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