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House of Tech is a web design and development firm in Greenville, SC, but the location doesn't really matter. The WWW is global. We can work from anywhere.

House of Tech works mostly in the development arena, meaning we can do basic designs but aren't quite artists. We often work with other designers on bigger projects, where the design needs to be more attractive. We've layed out these three basic choices below to better explain our specialties:

    $  I want a new web site with a simple design and some manageability.

House of Tech can handle basic design work. We have a collection of design elements and tools we would use to build your site. This will keep the costs down and shorten the completion time. Have a closer look at our web services for more information.

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  $$  I want a new web site with a nice looking design. I know what I want to put on it and I want to create the content on my own.

We work with 3rd party designers who specialize in web site designs. You will work with the designer to create the look of your site, then we'll take over and put it online.

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$$$  I need a fairly large web site built for my company and I don't have time to manage all of it. I'd like a full package with design, content creation, management, and development.

Awesome. House of Tech works with some great marketing firms that can manage your project for you. They'll hire the designer, the developer (hopefully us), and work closely with you to create the content. Take a look at our collaborating marketing firms and decide who would best suit your needs. They're all great.

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Of course, you can also just contact us directly, and we'll answer any questions you have.

Oh, and be sure to look through our portfolio.